Do you already know our concept of the strap change wheel?

On the models of the Number 8 LC4 & Number LC6 collections, you will be able to change the strap easily and quickly thanks to our patented strap attachment concept.

o more hassle, let's play! Adapt your watch to your wardrobe or your activity in the blink of an eye and in just a few operations:

1. Rotate the wheel - A red dot appears
2. Orient and remove the strap
3. Insert the new strap at the same angle
4. Rotate the wheell again.

The whole maniulation will take you about ten seconds only.

Thanks to our reversible silicone straps you will systematically carry two straps in one: one side in a plain color for more sobriety, and one side with an original pattern to stand out.

Discover now how this patent works and the compatible models:Find out more