" The birth of a Swiss Watchmaker's son "

The itinerary of an adventurer

The second in a family of 7 children, Louis Chevrolet was born on the 25th of December 1878 in Chaux-de-Fonds, where his father worked in the watchmaking industry.In 1880, as the economic crisis came to an end, his father, a talented watchmaker, went back to work in Bonfol, his village of origin. At the time, the family lived in Beurnevésin, a nearby village. In 1887, the family settled in Beaune, France. Louis was 8 years old. He became a bicycle mechanic and took part in cycling competitions. It was during this period that he met the billionaire Vanderbilt, who offered him work in the US. However, he continued his French odyssey at the Darracq automobile plants in Paris. Louis eventually decided to leave, and landed on American soil in 1900, starting in Quebec before ending at De Dion Bouton America, in New York.

" After a short stop in Quebec, he arrived in 1900 in the United States and worked at De Dion Bouton America in New York. "

The feats of a pilot

In 1905, Louis Chevrolet started his career at Fiat. It is with this company that he won his first race. The following year, he beat the Mile record at the wheel of a Darracq.William Durant, CEO of the Buick group, noticed his feats and gave him the opportunity to take part in the design and driving of the Buick Bug. In 1909, after winning numerous races, he finished as the second best driver of the American championship.


The Chevrolet Motor Car Company of Michigan was created on the 3rd of November 1911. The Classic Six came out under this brand, a luxury sedan remembered by America as a marvelous innovation of its time. Louis took advantage of a trip to Europe to return to the land of his childhood. Upon his return, following a disagreement, he sold his shares and his name to his associate, William Durant. In 1914, faithful to his motto "Never give up" and under his stable Frontenac, he created his own racing car. Innovative because of its power and its lightness due to aluminum, this car led to the glory and death of his brother, Gaston, crowned American champion posthumously.

" In 1914, faithful to his motto "Never give up" and under his stable Frontenac, he founds his own racing car. "

The end of a man, the beginning of a legend!

Following the death of his brother Gaston, he recovered his passion for mechanics. In 1921, with his other brother Arthur, he founded the Chevrolet Brothers Manufacturing Company, a company developing motors for the automotive and aviation industries. With the 1929 crisis nearing, Louis left his company to his brother and was hired in the Chevrolet factory in Detroit. Ravaged by disease and family losses, he passed away on the 6th of June 1941, and was buried at the Indianapolis public cemetery. Today, you can visit a memorial there that recounts the indelible mark of a man who made American history.

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