Swiss Quality

Where are your watches made?

Most of our watches are made at our factory, in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura. The assembly is also carried out on site. these timekeepers are Swiss Made. However, watches from the Frontenac Chronograph & Number 8 Chronograph collections are not entirely from Swiss production. These watches are commercialized under the "Swiss Movement" label.

What does Swiss Made or Swiss Movement on my watch mean?

The Swiss Made indicates that the watch has a minimum Swiss value of 60%. The Swiss Movement ensures that the movement in the watch is produced in Switzerland. The final assembly and controls of a Swiss Movement watch must also be made in Switzerland.

Warranty - After sales services

What is the length of the warranty of my watch?

The standard warranty is two years. In some exceptional cases it might be longer. If in doubt, please refer to your warranty certificate received at the time of purchase.

My watch isn't working anymore. What shall I do?

Contact us at and let us know the watch model. We will then tell you what to do.

What is the expected lifetime of the battery in my quartz watch?

The lifetime of the quartz watch battery is between 36 and 54 months depending on the models and use.

My strap is deteriorated. Where can I get a new one?

Go to the Accessories page in the shop to order a new strap.

Can I change the strap myself?

Our straps are designed to be changed easily. For the LC-01, Chrono-Tour & Number 8 collections, we recommend that you go in a jewelry store with your new strap to make it change. The straps of the Classic 8, Frontenac Chronograph & Number 8 Chronograph collections are designed to be changed extremely easily (quick release spring bar or patented quick interchangeable strap)

Should I have my watch checked periodically?

We recommend having your watch checked every 24 months.

I own a Retro Collection model. Do you still provide the after sales service?

Of course we do. We provide after sales service to all Louis Chevrolet watches. Please contact us if you have any problem.

Who pays the shipping fees in case of a return for repair?

In case you need to send us your watch for repair, you will have to pay the shipping fees and applicable custom fees. The cost of returning the watch when repaired is taken by Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA.

Purchase - Delivery

On which website should i order my watch?

Orders for customers based in Switzerland and with delivery i Switzerland should be placed on /or For other countries, the order should be placed on / .de /.fr /.asia

What are the payment means accepted by Louis Chevrolet?

Orders on our Shop are only payable online. Several payment methods are at your disposal: credit cards, paypal, twint, wire transfer. However, you can also order by email or phone. In this case, we will send you our bank details for payments. All orders (excluding Switzerland) are payable in advance.

Payment by invoice in Switzerland (PowerPay)

For Swiss customers and if you are eligible, you can take advantage of payment by invoice via our payment partner PowerPay. You will have the choice between paying in one or more installments. Additional fees related to this payment method will be added by the partner.

All invoice shipments will only be delivered by hand in the name of the customer who placed the order.

Are payments on the site secure?

All payments made on our online store are secure. On one hand via the HTTPS protocol, essential to secure your confidential datas, and on the other hand, thanks to our partners offering reliable and official means of payment.

Can you give me the address of a dealer to try a watch?

Our distribution policy is currently direct to the consumer to offer you the best prices. You can buy our watches through the online store, at events where we are present, or by visiting us at the factory. For any purchase, you have a return right of 14 days (from reception) if the watch doesn't suit you.

At what cost are the deliveries?

Delivery costs are paid by Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA for all our watches delivered in Switzerland. 

How long does it take between the order and the shipment?

We try to keep the time between the order and the shipment as short as possible. Average time would be 5 business days. During holiday periods (mid-December to mid-January & mid-July to mid-August) this time might be longer, due the closure of our manufacturer. We will then keep you informed via email.

Satisfied or money back, what is it?

You have 14 days to return your product with original packaging, invoice and accessories if that does not satisfy you. In case of return of the watch (in the period of the right of return, for a repair, etc.), the shipping costs are the responsability of the buyer.


Can I wear my watch in the water?

It is not recommended that you shower or bathe with your watch, even if it is waterproof. Water temperature, soap components or chemical products may shorten the lifetime of some seals. In addition, leather straps age faster with moisture.

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