The history

From automobiles to the watchmaking world

2004 - Acquisition of rights

Acquisition of the rights of the "Louis Chevrolet" name, until then only registered in Switzerland, for further protection of the brand worldwide.

2006 - Foundation

The Louis Chevrolet Watch Company sees the light of day on the 17th of January 2006. It produces and commercializes its watches under the name "Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches". Since that day, our company has not stopped innovating and diversifying, to offer quality Swiss Made watches.

2016 - The Big Curve

In December 2016, the Louis Chevrolet Watch Company initiated a big curve in terms of philosophy and collection. After having developed, over the years, more than twenty different watch models (Vintage Collection), Louis Chevrolet starts its “Big Curve”, in order to offer a range of watches with completely new designs and shunning the conventional watchmaking codes.

The philosophy

The big curve of Louis Chevrolet

New philosophy

In a complete break from previous collections, this new line marks the evolution and the permanent development of Louis Chevrolet. The new line Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches incorporates all the know-how of the company. These watches replace a collection of some twenty Vintage line models with a new line marshaling the entirety of our manufacturing expertise. We created a line of watches with character. Such pieces will capture everyone's attention. These exclusive new models are aimed at a demanding clientele, one that shares our perspective on what a modern watch should be. Our technical innovations and bold choices in manufacturing procedures underscore the quality and value of our watches. Our modern industrial production techniques break completely with tradition. All our models are the result of several patents developed and filed by Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches.

Our primary goal: offer the design codes and innovative technics that where until now reserved to the high-end brands, at unparalleled prices. "Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them"
André Saunier
CEO of Louis Chevrolet

Innovations inside our Swiss made manufacture

The movement is made in Switzerland, the majority of the other components in the Swiss Jura. We opted for production centered on bar turning, a field more than mastered in the Jura in terms of quality. Many industrial manufacturing and decoration technologies have been used for the realization of our watches.

Our workshops

In the cradle of Swiss watch components


The Louis Chevrolet Watch Company brings together the know-how of the Swiss Jura, birthplace of Louis Chevrolet. Thanks to the experience and traditions of the region, the company fully controls the manufacturing process. All technical and design developments are created in our workshops. We produce most of our cover parts and also decorate our movements internally. Our process ends after assembling and inspection of our timekeepers.

We make a point of producing only watches with a swiss movement. These are designed, assembled and controlled in our factory.

In the heart of our workshops

Our expertise is in the process control which make up the high end of watchmaking. This includes a combination of modern digital and optical techniques and a more traditional touch, like that of a handmade movement decoration. Our working philosophy enables us to be flexible and efficient in order to satisfy our clients' requests: From limited series to the creation of a tailor-made and unique timepiece.

Our team

Our team is composed of around thirty collaborators. It consists of a wide array of skills and trades linked to the watchmaking world and production. It is important to us that our collaborators feel engaged in the proper functioning of the company. Our team is passionate about its work and ongoing projects, which allows us to offer our clients quality, innovative pieces. Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches

"Take care of your employees, they will take care of your company."
Richard Branson

And tomorrow…

Our team strives to meet the expectations of our customers and makes a point of never resting on its achievements. Engineers, designers and watchmakers contribute every day to the evolution of the Louis Chevrolet brand and imagine the collections of tomorrow that you will love wearing on the wrist. A team, a passion!

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